Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Five Top Gothic Wedding Gowns For the 2013 Coming Summer

Black Strapless Gothic Wedding Dress

Almost every seasons has their own style wedding gowns and this 2013 coming summer will have five popular kinds of wedding gowns. I will simply introduce them for you and you can have a read if you are someone who are interested in alternative Gothic wedding dresses.

First, a Gothic wedding dress which is in blood- read color and is made from pleated silk velvet, a snow-white tulle bodice and sleeves makes a striking contrast to this column dress. With this bridal dress, a lot of creativity can be put into the shoes and accessories: try a pair of black Victorian shoes, bronze crosses and medals on a necklace, or black fingerless gloves.

Second, I love purple, and the deeper shades of this rich color make for a perfect Gothic bridal gowns. Made from satin and organza, this dress has a heavily ruffled skirt with the satin angled at the right, and the organza underlay showing off on the left side. It's the bluish-purple organza that gives this dress a dreamy look, however, not to mention the flower and beadwork design in the bodice. The sleeves and their lacy attachment over the shoulders truly gives this dress a Gothic appearance. All that is missing is a bouquet of black roses, and the bride is ready for the altar.

Third, a wedding dress is contains the following details will be popular: Made of cotton in a deep magenta with black front paneling on the full skirt, the ruffles and ribbon are very feminine and Victorian. In addition to being a fabulous wedding dress, this can also be worn to a special costume ball. Try black or gray pearls for jewelry for wearing with this gown on your wedding day.

Fourth, this year, red is a popular color for Gothic wedding dresses, so a red Gothic wedding dress will be popular. A slieve-less Gothic wedding dress that looks like dried-blood red made of taffeta with a unique bodice that resembles two upright pitchfork tops from a distance. The full skirt is made up of several layers of draped fabric, making it look elegant and something Lily Munster would wear on her wedding day.

Last, Black is a ubiquitous color in Gothic fashion, and when it comes to wedding dresses, can look quite dramatic. A Gothic wedding gowns which has fabric rosettes decorated with black beads placed evenly throughout the skirt. For jewelry, try something unique, like a marcasite necklace.

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