Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gothic Wedding Invitations Ideas

One of the most unique wedding themes that are preferred by some couples is a Gothic wedding. Highlighted with elements from the Gothic culture, such weddings are usually dark and mysterious in terms of the wedding d├ęcor, clothing, hairstyles, makeup, and invitations. As are common misconceptions with many cultures, the Gothic wedding theme likened to ghosts and haunted places and events. While this is a part of the Gothic theme, it does not entirely make up this theme. As mentioned earlier, the Gothic culture speaks of darkness and mystery, and therefore, such elements should reflect in the entire setup. I will share some useful ideas about the Gothic wedding invitations and you can have a reference if you also want to have an alternative wedding.

About the background color: The best colors to use as a background for wedding invitations such as these are red, orange, black, purple, gray, and deep blue. While red and black is a very common choice, some couples like to experiment with colors such as pink and gray, as these are not only Gothic but also elegant at the same time. Some brides like to match the invitation backgrounds with the colors of the Gothic wedding dresses they have chosen for themselves. While this is the basic color scheme, there are other elements that can be added to the background. For instance, wine glasses with their deep red colors add an interesting touch to a black and white background.

About the wording used in your invitation: Gothic wedding invitation wording can be as simple as those on regular wedding invitations, or more serious. Unlike regular wedding invitation wording, Gothic wedding invitation wording does not sound happy or reflect elation. For instance, if the wedding invitations are sent out by the bride and groom themselves, the phrase 'Till Death Do Us Part' is commonly seen on Gothic invitations.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Punk and Gothic Bridal Shoe Ideas

For alternative brides of the punk or goth fashion, wearing a pair of strappy white bridal heels is unlikely a preferred choice. Even if you are wearing a floor-length gown, the shoes you wear should make you feel comfortable and showcase your personality and style. If you are a punk or gothic bride looking for the bridal shoes of your dreams, here are several ideas to consider. If you are interested in this topic and you can have a reference.

Stompers are an extremely wild heel style, and are very popular within both punk and gothic culture. Iron Fist is a shoe company that makes a wide variety of unique and outrageous looking stompers that you can wear to give your wedding ensemble an alternative twist. Electric blue stompers will pay homage to the tradition of wearing "something blue" while still showcasing who you are. Stompers are a great choice for alternative brides wanting to add a few inches to their height on their special day.

If you are a tomboy at heart, a pair of black combat boots can add an extremely alternative edge to your wedding gown. Don your favorite pair of combat boots to stay comfortable while expressing your individuality. This look will look extremely edgy if you are wearing a short wedding dress, but can also add a unique touch to a ball gown or longer dress. Combat boots are a great choice for punk and gothic brides looking to stand out and show off their style as they make their way down the aisle.

A pair of heels that have an animal print or other unique pattern will look great when paired with a white wedding gown, and will make you stand out on your special day. For a more subtle look, opt to wear a simple black and white print, such as zebra. For a more wild, alternative look, consider wearing something more along the lines of bright blue leopard print. Stripes and polka dots are two other prints you might consider wearing that are both edgy and cute. Printed heels are a great option for alternative brides wanting to wear something truly unusual on their wedding day.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tips On How to Plan Your Gothic Wedding

Gothic Wedding Dress

If you are fan of the Gothic fashion and i think you will also want to have a Gothic style wedding. I will introduce some information about the Gothic wedding and you can have a reference if you are interested in this Alternative fashion.

Choosing a Gothic wedding dress is the most important thing: Again, your gothic wedding probably isn't about following tradition, so don't worry about wearing white. Instead, find a gown with deep, rich colors to wear down the aisle. Many websites offer a variety of nontraditional wedding dresses, including Victorian-era gowns, medieval-inspired dresses and other apparel in dark reds, blues and purples.

Plan your wedding's decorations. These should carry the gothic theme and any other themes you're incorporating. Choose fitting table linen colors for your wedding, such as a black tablecloth with red napkins. Use dark netting or tulle to line the ceiling and walls. Instead of blossoms as centerpieces, make bouquets of dried flowers. Live flowers in darker colors, such as purple orchids or calla lilies, will also carry your gothic theme. Use plenty of candlelight to set a goth glow throughout the event.

Invite your guests to the wedding. These invites should again carry your gothic theme, with stationary shaped like tomb stones or paper lined with fake spider webs. For a classic gothic look, hire a calligrapher to write the invitations on worn pieces of paper. Seal the envelopes with wax and stamp them with your monogram.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Something About Alternative Gothic

Gothic Wedding Dress

If you want to be an alternative person and i think most of you will choose some Alternative clothing. Gothic clothing style is the most perfect one and you can use this clothing style to help you to be more alternative. I will simply introduce something about this clothing fashion and you can have a reference if you are interested in this fashion.

Do you know where the exactlt name ‘Gothic’ come from? The Gothic name initially came from a Germanic tribe. The Romans considered them as barbaric and not cultured. 'Gothic' was later applied to a type of Medieval architecture by critics who deemed it as similarly barbaric and uncultured. The term was later applied to a late 18th/early 19th century type of literature which had a fascination with death and also the supernatural.The actual term 'Gothic' was first placed to the music which is now regarded 'goth' in about 1979 with the release of the track 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' by Bauhaus. Many youngsters were fascinated by this mysterious sound and a different culture was born.

What is the exact Gothic look? The early goths looked similar to punks except that the major colors were black for hair and clothing (with the occasional touch of navy blue, deep red or purple) as well as silver for jewellery. They additionally tended to spout a lot of fishnet (more usually on the arms for men) with a unique style of make upconsisting of white faces with quite a lot of black eyeliner (for both sexes). Hair was ordinarily coloured black, very light blonde or red). To start with the hair was usually pretty short for men, backcombed up, but by the mid-to-late 80's long black hair became trendy. Goth makeup remains an essential part of the appearance. Both goth mens clothing in addition to apparelhas diversified in the sense that some individuals now don clothing influenced by 18th or early 19th century styles whilst others wear bondage or fetish fashion in the form of PVC, leather, latex and rubber.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Alternative wedding dress---------Alternative wedding ceremony

Do you want to be an alternative bride and have a alternative wedding ceremony? If your answer is yes, you must have an alternative wedding dress. A unique wedding dress can be the following kind: Gothic style or Medieval style. I will simply introduce some methods on how to pick up your own suitable wedding dress for yourself asthe following and you can have a reference if you will be a bride.

If you want to be an alternative bride and i think you shouold pay attention to the following elements: Alternative wedding dresses don’t have to be scary and black, or spiky and edgy (unless you want it to, of course – we love spiky and edgy black wedding dress), but it does mean that you don’t want to conform to the bridal stereotype. You want your wedding to be as individual as you are and your wedding dress to reflect that.

Black Strapless Gothic Wedding Dress

Consider dropping the uniform, white frocks and find the alternative. Make your wedding dress just that little bit different. The only limitation is your imagination.

We encourage our brides to collect images, swatches, trims, anything which excites them and explains their ideas. If you want to, draw something to show us: you won’t be marked on your artistic abilities -  its all about translating your ideas. Bring us films, poems or music. Bring you. We can work from there!

Purple and Black Lace Strapless Gothic Wedding Dress

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wedding Jewelry----Making Your wedding Dress More Perfect

If you want to be a attractive bride in your coming wedding just having a beautiful wedding dress is not enough. Some of you will have a question for my word because most of the women think that having a perfect wedding dress is the most important thing for their wedding. However, you ignore the accessories and they are also of great importance althrough they are only small details. I will share some information about the wedding jewelry with you and you can have a reference if you are interested in this wedding jewelry topic.

Black and Red One-Shoulder Gothic Wedding Dress

Pearls are classic wedding jewellery. Pearls are absolutely a girl's best friend and are the best accessory for a wedding dress. Why not make the dream of beautiful pearls into a reality for you and your bridal party. It is your special day and you will keep in mind for forever. It can be made even more impressive with the exquisite range of cultured, freshwater and Akoya pearl designs. The beauty of the designs will amaze you.

Wedding jewelry including: wedding necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, tiaras and hair decorations, you will find what ever your heart wishes. The pearl wedding necklaces can be traditional and single thread, chocker, drop pendant, twisted, and hand knotted. The wedding necklaces can be coordinated with other accessories to provide that much sort after synchronized look.

Black and Purple Strapless Gothic Wedding Dress

The most popular pearl bridal jewellery consists of pearl wedding earrings along with a pearl wedding necklace to emphasize the pearls in their wedding gown. A beautiful pearl wedding necklace can be paired with pearl cluster earrings as well as pearl studs. A popular choice for many women today is a simple silver wedding necklace with a single pearl pendant.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Most Popular Mother of Bride Gowns In This Season

For the coming summer, Mother of bride gown will be popular again. If you will be a bride and you will also pay attention to the Mother bride gown. I will share some simple information about the most popular Mother of Bride gowns in this season and you can have a reference if you are interested in this fashion wedding topic.

Mother of the bride costumes are absolutely on the thin and shadowy designs that the costumes applied to be. You ought not appear same the queen mother just because your daughter is taking marital! Some of the clothes feature unbraced suited bodices excellent (to be worn with a jacket) or broad v-neck with cap arms. For much more style forward mummies, there is a shouldered dresses that appear same they are ideal from the red carpeting. Ruffles are a trendy design trend that is look in some of the wholesale mother of the bride clothes ensembles.

Shantung silk is a great select of fabric for a gown fit and eye-catching long, and this is one of the almost well-known fabrics for the bride's mother. She has a pretty soft luster, comes in a rainbow of elegant colors, and has a quality that gets it very bumpy due or any balls. Shantung preserves great form, and won't make more, making it more gracious for all shape or size.

Tiprs on Finding Your Best 2013 Wedding Dress

Do you want to become the most beautiful and attractive bride in 2013? If your answer is yes and i think you should pick a beautiful wedding dress for you 2013 wedding. Here are a number of tips that you can use to determine where to buy your 2013 wedding dress for your coming wedding. It is essential that you choose the right store so that you get the best bargain and dress available. I will share some small tips which will help you when you are choosing your wedding dress for your coming 2013 wedding.

There are stores that sell their 2013 bridal dresses at a discount and you can search them in the Internet. If you want to save money and still look glamorous on your wedding day, you should check such stores. These stores have endless galleries of some of the 2013 bridal dress photos they have in stock. These photos give you an idea of how the dress looks like. You should buy your wedding dress from a store which will allow your even see the back of the wedding dress. Most times people buy a dress only to get it delivered and realize they do not like the details on the back.

When deciding where to buy your bridal wedding dress, you should also consider a place where there is variety. You should always insist on having a unique gown for your big day. Therefore, the store should have search conditions that you can select for example, if you want to show your figure, you can choose an a-line wedding dress. On the other hand, if you are pregnant, you should have the option of choosing a special made maternity wedding dress. This ensures that you not only feel comfortable during your big day, but you also look nice as well.It is also advisable to buy a bridal wedding dress depending on the venue of the wedding. For that reason, you should consider shopping for gowns in an online boutique that allows you to choose according to the season. This means that you can view different best wedding dresses suited for summer, spring, fall or winter. The designs are normally different for the seasons. Something that is fashionable in winter may not be fashionable during the summer.

Therefore, you need to consider the seasons very carefully while picking out wedding dresses.The last tip you can use when trying to find a 2013 wedding dress is to choose according to your style. There are boutiques that stock classic gowns as well as modern ones. So you do not have to pin yourself to wearing what everyone else is. You can choose a vintage look or go for something modern. If it is possible, you should also pick out the embellishments on your 2013 wedding dress. These can include buttons, ruffles, embroidery or ribbons. These little additional details will go a long way in ensuring you have a unique and eye catching gown.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Summer Wedding Types Introduction

Beach wedding: A beach wedding is really great to have in the summer. The breeze from the ocean helps to cool off the guests, and the beautiful scenery makes any inconveniences minor. Destination beach weddings are also very poplar, where the bride and groom invite a limited number of people to a special tropical beach location to witness the wedding and celebrate in an intimate reception.

Park or backyard wedding: This type of wedding is typically informal with casual wedding clothes, and picnic or barbeque foods. For a down-to-earth type couple, this is an excellent type of summer wedding to have.

Formal wedding: You can still have a formal wedding in the summer. If you can find someplace with a hard ground, like a pool-side for example, and by adding a glamorous tent, you can have a wonderful formal event.

Morning wedding: Morning weddings are typically less formal and easier to control time-wise. Morning weddings are also light on alcohol and involve less partying ruckus than evening weddings.

Last, you can add a water feature. Although statuary was not a common feature of the Medieval garden, water features including wells, cisterns, pools or flowing springs were incorporated as a natural source of irrigation.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

About Summer Weddings Advantages

Summer is coming and i think most of the you will interested in learning more about the summer wedding if you will have a summer wedding. I will share some information with you about the summer wedding and you can have a reference if you will have a wedding ceremony in the coming summer.

Summer is known as the most beautiful time of the year to get married. You have less worry about the possibility of rain, or at least less worry than in fall and spring. Summer wedding themes can be fun and bright. Flower colors for summer weddings are brilliant and bold and you can dress bridesmaids to match. You can also better take advantage of the beautiful outdoors for your summer wedding.

I will simply introduce the advantages of the summer wedding as the following:
First, You can hold a summer wedding in almost any outdoor space. You can use a park, or your parent's backyard, and most people will still enjoy themselves. In the summer, you can save money on catering by choosing a lighter fare of foods that will cost less than rich heavy foods typically served in the winter months.

Second, it is best to hold a summer wedding early in the day before the sun is at its highest, hottest point, or in the evening after the day begins to cool off. Morning summer weddings tend to end as it begins to get too hot. Evening summer weddings can last all night.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How To Be A Beautiful and Classical Mother Of The Bride

Come the wedding, the bride is the woman of the day. However, her mother comes in a dear second. Traditionally, the mother of the bride gets to choose the color scheme she wishes to wear before the mother of the groom. The mother of the bride needs beautiful and classy attire and makeup that will make her look stunning without upstaging the bride. I will share some useful tips with you on how to become a beautiful and classical mother of the bride and you can have a reference if you will be a mother of the bride.

Choosing a dress which fits your figure suitably and it should match your age: Choose a dress that highlights your best features and plays down the less flattering ones. suggests a knee-length cocktail dress for showing off great legs. A V-neck plays down a large bust, while an asymmetrical bodice flatters fuller figures. Voluminous skirts conceal a pear-shaped bottom. Avoid anything that will be uncomfortable and will restrict you when you're dancing later on in the evening. There is no need to wear frumpy, matronly attire at the wedding. Wear something that makes you look youthful and sexy.

Colors for every Mother: Avoid very dark or bright lipstick. Opt for softer, more subdued hues that will make you look youthful. If you are having your makeup done professionally, have a practice run before the day of the wedding to avoid mishaps. Make your appointment for this well in advance. Choose makeup that will make your skin look dewy and glowing rather than caked on and dry. Restoring serums, moisturizers and brighteners help achieve this look.

About the accessories you choose: Don't be afraid to express your own style. Wear something classy that makes you feel young, but also respect your daughter's wishes. Avoid pantyhose unless you have to dress warm for a fall or winter wedding. Show off your legs with a classy, streak-free self tanning lotion. Match a big necklace with small, delicate earrings or, vice verse, a modest necklace with extravagant chandelier earrings. Choose a clutch as a stylish accessory.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Spring Bridesmaid dress Fashion Trend

Are you still worrying about which kind of bridesmaid dress you should wear for your friends’ wedding? Do you want to be a charming and attractive bridesmaid? If you will be a bridesmaid for your friends’ coming spring wedding, i think you will be interested in my this article about the 2013 spring bridesmaid dress and you can have a reference when you are choosing a bridesmaid dress.

About the Illusion Necklines: It's amazing how a piece of sheer fabric can absolutely transform a gown. We first saw illusion necklines hit the bridal runways just before the Royal Wedding, and the trend has grown ever since, now expanding to bridesmaid styles.

About the colors, you can choose some other colors not just considering white and ivory, you also can take pink and blue into consideration. This will help you add the feeling of spring.

About the accessories: I recommend that you can take the accessories which made in a shape of butterfly or flowers into consideration. This will make you look cute and energetic.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Finding Your Dream 2013 Wedding Dress

If you will become a bride, i think the most excieting thing you want to do is to pick up a beautiful wedding dress for your coming wedding ceremony. Do you want to know the 2013 wedding dress fashion trend? If you want and i think you will be interest in my article. I will introduce some fashion elements of the 2013 spring wedding dress and you can have a reference when you are picking up the wedding dress for your coming wedding.

Decorations are also of great importance in 2013 wedding dress and especially in the form of beads and crystals that have been stitched – typically by hand – to the dress. I love this trend, mainly because the hand-stitching can be so beautifully intricate in their overall design and detail which can cover small areas such as the sleeves and straps, the waistline or belt, or even larger areas such as the bodice or the skirt.

Long sleves: if you are a bride who want to cover your arms and you will love this design.

Adding touch of the color: The traditional colors of the wedding dress are: white and ivory. Silver is proving to be a very popular choice in 2013, especially used in the form of embellishments, because not only is silver is a subtle color, it is also a pretty way of adding depth, particularly if the dress is white. However, pastel additions that are soft and feminine are also popular.Adding a touch of color can also include patterns on the bodice or the skirt.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vintage wedding dress introduction

Vintage fashion has become quite a famous trend and wedding dress is also following this trend. Do you want to be a Vintage beautiful bride? If you want then Vintage wedding dress will be a good choice. It will show your elegance and mature. I will share some personal ideas about the features of the Vintage wedding dress with you as the following:

Vintage means originality: a unique piece of clothing that you can wear with pleasure, without finding the unpleasant surprise that some other bride may wear the same dress as you will show at your wedding.

If you think Vintage wedding dress comes in antique yellow color, then i will inform you that these dresses are also available on light ivory, champagne or white.

Lace is a special accessory of this wedding dress style. And the materials of the Vintage wedding dress are commonly the following: taffeta, satin, and so on and that they are decorated with lace

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Several Ways Help You Plan A Perfect wedding ceremony

Wedding is the most important thing in our whole life and we should prepare for it very well in advance. So you should have some detailed plans and follow it step by step and this will help you avoid forgetting some important things. I will share some my personal wedding planning ideas with you as the following:

White Celtic Medieval Inspired Wedding Dress

First, You should make sure the wedding guest list and design invitation letter for them. Second, you should reserve a hotel according to the number of guests who will come. Third, you should pick up a suitable wedding dress and wedding suit. Last, you can design some interesting activities for your guests and this will help your wedding ceremony have a good atmosphere.