Sunday, April 14, 2013

Summer Wedding Types Introduction

Beach wedding: A beach wedding is really great to have in the summer. The breeze from the ocean helps to cool off the guests, and the beautiful scenery makes any inconveniences minor. Destination beach weddings are also very poplar, where the bride and groom invite a limited number of people to a special tropical beach location to witness the wedding and celebrate in an intimate reception.

Park or backyard wedding: This type of wedding is typically informal with casual wedding clothes, and picnic or barbeque foods. For a down-to-earth type couple, this is an excellent type of summer wedding to have.

Formal wedding: You can still have a formal wedding in the summer. If you can find someplace with a hard ground, like a pool-side for example, and by adding a glamorous tent, you can have a wonderful formal event.

Morning wedding: Morning weddings are typically less formal and easier to control time-wise. Morning weddings are also light on alcohol and involve less partying ruckus than evening weddings.

Last, you can add a water feature. Although statuary was not a common feature of the Medieval garden, water features including wells, cisterns, pools or flowing springs were incorporated as a natural source of irrigation.

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