Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gothic Wedding Invitations Ideas

One of the most unique wedding themes that are preferred by some couples is a Gothic wedding. Highlighted with elements from the Gothic culture, such weddings are usually dark and mysterious in terms of the wedding d├ęcor, clothing, hairstyles, makeup, and invitations. As are common misconceptions with many cultures, the Gothic wedding theme likened to ghosts and haunted places and events. While this is a part of the Gothic theme, it does not entirely make up this theme. As mentioned earlier, the Gothic culture speaks of darkness and mystery, and therefore, such elements should reflect in the entire setup. I will share some useful ideas about the Gothic wedding invitations and you can have a reference if you also want to have an alternative wedding.

About the background color: The best colors to use as a background for wedding invitations such as these are red, orange, black, purple, gray, and deep blue. While red and black is a very common choice, some couples like to experiment with colors such as pink and gray, as these are not only Gothic but also elegant at the same time. Some brides like to match the invitation backgrounds with the colors of the Gothic wedding dresses they have chosen for themselves. While this is the basic color scheme, there are other elements that can be added to the background. For instance, wine glasses with their deep red colors add an interesting touch to a black and white background.

About the wording used in your invitation: Gothic wedding invitation wording can be as simple as those on regular wedding invitations, or more serious. Unlike regular wedding invitation wording, Gothic wedding invitation wording does not sound happy or reflect elation. For instance, if the wedding invitations are sent out by the bride and groom themselves, the phrase 'Till Death Do Us Part' is commonly seen on Gothic invitations.

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