Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vintage wedding dress introduction

Vintage fashion has become quite a famous trend and wedding dress is also following this trend. Do you want to be a Vintage beautiful bride? If you want then Vintage wedding dress will be a good choice. It will show your elegance and mature. I will share some personal ideas about the features of the Vintage wedding dress with you as the following:

Vintage means originality: a unique piece of clothing that you can wear with pleasure, without finding the unpleasant surprise that some other bride may wear the same dress as you will show at your wedding.

If you think Vintage wedding dress comes in antique yellow color, then i will inform you that these dresses are also available on light ivory, champagne or white.

Lace is a special accessory of this wedding dress style. And the materials of the Vintage wedding dress are commonly the following: taffeta, satin, and so on and that they are decorated with lace

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