Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How To Be A Beautiful and Classical Mother Of The Bride

Come the wedding, the bride is the woman of the day. However, her mother comes in a dear second. Traditionally, the mother of the bride gets to choose the color scheme she wishes to wear before the mother of the groom. The mother of the bride needs beautiful and classy attire and makeup that will make her look stunning without upstaging the bride. I will share some useful tips with you on how to become a beautiful and classical mother of the bride and you can have a reference if you will be a mother of the bride.

Choosing a dress which fits your figure suitably and it should match your age: Choose a dress that highlights your best features and plays down the less flattering ones. suggests a knee-length cocktail dress for showing off great legs. A V-neck plays down a large bust, while an asymmetrical bodice flatters fuller figures. Voluminous skirts conceal a pear-shaped bottom. Avoid anything that will be uncomfortable and will restrict you when you're dancing later on in the evening. There is no need to wear frumpy, matronly attire at the wedding. Wear something that makes you look youthful and sexy.

Colors for every Mother: Avoid very dark or bright lipstick. Opt for softer, more subdued hues that will make you look youthful. If you are having your makeup done professionally, have a practice run before the day of the wedding to avoid mishaps. Make your appointment for this well in advance. Choose makeup that will make your skin look dewy and glowing rather than caked on and dry. Restoring serums, moisturizers and brighteners help achieve this look.

About the accessories you choose: Don't be afraid to express your own style. Wear something classy that makes you feel young, but also respect your daughter's wishes. Avoid pantyhose unless you have to dress warm for a fall or winter wedding. Show off your legs with a classy, streak-free self tanning lotion. Match a big necklace with small, delicate earrings or, vice verse, a modest necklace with extravagant chandelier earrings. Choose a clutch as a stylish accessory.

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