Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tips On How to Plan Your Gothic Wedding

Gothic Wedding Dress

If you are fan of the Gothic fashion and i think you will also want to have a Gothic style wedding. I will introduce some information about the Gothic wedding and you can have a reference if you are interested in this Alternative fashion.

Choosing a Gothic wedding dress is the most important thing: Again, your gothic wedding probably isn't about following tradition, so don't worry about wearing white. Instead, find a gown with deep, rich colors to wear down the aisle. Many websites offer a variety of nontraditional wedding dresses, including Victorian-era gowns, medieval-inspired dresses and other apparel in dark reds, blues and purples.

Plan your wedding's decorations. These should carry the gothic theme and any other themes you're incorporating. Choose fitting table linen colors for your wedding, such as a black tablecloth with red napkins. Use dark netting or tulle to line the ceiling and walls. Instead of blossoms as centerpieces, make bouquets of dried flowers. Live flowers in darker colors, such as purple orchids or calla lilies, will also carry your gothic theme. Use plenty of candlelight to set a goth glow throughout the event.

Invite your guests to the wedding. These invites should again carry your gothic theme, with stationary shaped like tomb stones or paper lined with fake spider webs. For a classic gothic look, hire a calligrapher to write the invitations on worn pieces of paper. Seal the envelopes with wax and stamp them with your monogram.

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