Monday, April 8, 2013

Finding Your Dream 2013 Wedding Dress

If you will become a bride, i think the most excieting thing you want to do is to pick up a beautiful wedding dress for your coming wedding ceremony. Do you want to know the 2013 wedding dress fashion trend? If you want and i think you will be interest in my article. I will introduce some fashion elements of the 2013 spring wedding dress and you can have a reference when you are picking up the wedding dress for your coming wedding.

Decorations are also of great importance in 2013 wedding dress and especially in the form of beads and crystals that have been stitched – typically by hand – to the dress. I love this trend, mainly because the hand-stitching can be so beautifully intricate in their overall design and detail which can cover small areas such as the sleeves and straps, the waistline or belt, or even larger areas such as the bodice or the skirt.

Long sleves: if you are a bride who want to cover your arms and you will love this design.

Adding touch of the color: The traditional colors of the wedding dress are: white and ivory. Silver is proving to be a very popular choice in 2013, especially used in the form of embellishments, because not only is silver is a subtle color, it is also a pretty way of adding depth, particularly if the dress is white. However, pastel additions that are soft and feminine are also popular.Adding a touch of color can also include patterns on the bodice or the skirt.

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