Friday, April 26, 2013

Punk and Gothic Bridal Shoe Ideas

For alternative brides of the punk or goth fashion, wearing a pair of strappy white bridal heels is unlikely a preferred choice. Even if you are wearing a floor-length gown, the shoes you wear should make you feel comfortable and showcase your personality and style. If you are a punk or gothic bride looking for the bridal shoes of your dreams, here are several ideas to consider. If you are interested in this topic and you can have a reference.

Stompers are an extremely wild heel style, and are very popular within both punk and gothic culture. Iron Fist is a shoe company that makes a wide variety of unique and outrageous looking stompers that you can wear to give your wedding ensemble an alternative twist. Electric blue stompers will pay homage to the tradition of wearing "something blue" while still showcasing who you are. Stompers are a great choice for alternative brides wanting to add a few inches to their height on their special day.

If you are a tomboy at heart, a pair of black combat boots can add an extremely alternative edge to your wedding gown. Don your favorite pair of combat boots to stay comfortable while expressing your individuality. This look will look extremely edgy if you are wearing a short wedding dress, but can also add a unique touch to a ball gown or longer dress. Combat boots are a great choice for punk and gothic brides looking to stand out and show off their style as they make their way down the aisle.

A pair of heels that have an animal print or other unique pattern will look great when paired with a white wedding gown, and will make you stand out on your special day. For a more subtle look, opt to wear a simple black and white print, such as zebra. For a more wild, alternative look, consider wearing something more along the lines of bright blue leopard print. Stripes and polka dots are two other prints you might consider wearing that are both edgy and cute. Printed heels are a great option for alternative brides wanting to wear something truly unusual on their wedding day.

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