Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Alternative Ideas For Your Gothic Wedding

If you are a memeber of the Gothic fashion and i think you will ber also want to have a Gothic style wedding for the most important evevt in your life: wedding ceremony. I will share some small tips on how to have an alternative Gothic wedding and you can have a reference if you are interested in this alternative fashion topic.

About the color you choose: Gothic designs are characterized as being somber, obscure and mysterious. Incorporating shades of ebony and crimson throughout the wedding will accomplish those three characteristics. While some individuals love goth, for a wedding, many prefer to have a Gothic influence without overwhelming the guests. To add balance and contrast, splashes of gold, pearl and ivory work well with ebony and crimson.

About the decorations you choose: The floral arrangements, cake design, table settings and wedding gown can be customized to fit the theme and the color scheme. For instance, roses work perfectly well with the Gothic theme as they are not only romantic and mysterious, but they are available in shades of crimson, blood and ebony. A Gothic wedding is very non-traditional, so the wedding gown should also be non-traditional.

About the wedding location you choose: A gothic-themed wedding may work both indoors and outdoors. Hosting an indoor wedding at a gothic-styled cathedral complete with gargoyles guarding the entrance add to the event's dramatic effect. On the other hand, exchanging vows beneath the moon is equally romantic and adds to the dramatic effect using natural elements. For a night time wedding, cover the area with a sheer black tent that is thin enough to star-gaze and display roses and candles throughout.

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