Friday, May 10, 2013

Gothic Wedding Venue decoration

If you are a lover of the Gothic fashion and i think you also will prefer having a Gothic style wedding for the most important time in your whole life because it has become an important part in your daily life. If you are think so and i think you will be interested in my article. I will share some personal ideas about the Gothic weding venue decoration and you can have a scan if you are interested in this topic.

I will talk about four points we should pay attention to when you are decorating your Gothic wedding venue as the following:

First, about the colors you use in your Gothic wedding: As we know, darkness is the most obvious features of the Gothic fashion, Gothic wedding is not exceptional. So when you are choosing your Gothic wedding dress and you should pay attention to the color of the wedding gowns you choose. I think you should avoid the traditional white color and choose some wedding gowns which are in dark color, such as: black, dark purple and read. The colors of the accessories you choose to decorate your Gothic wedding venue also should be in dark color.

Second, about the Gothic wdding decorating accessories: Avoiding common like the formal wedding just to be alternative and creative. In my opinion. You can choose some accessorie in skull and cross patterns and some patterns with blood will be perfect. Just remember that horrible and weird images will help your wedding become more attractive greatly. You should know that ghosts and vampires are the most common images in Gothic fashion.

Third, when you are decorating your wedding venue you should pay attention to create a Gothic atmosphere. This mean you should create a dark and mysterious wedding atmosphere for your guests because we should cater to the dark theme of the Gothic fashion. You can use dark lights and play low tone musics in your wedding. I think these two ways will help you create a dark and heavy atmosphere for your alternative wedding.

Last but not least, you should pay attention to the make-up you wear. Your make-up should in unique design and it should give your guests an astonishing feeling. You can use some dark red color on your face: I recommend Vampire make-up. I think this alternative make-up will help you look astonishing and unique and it will help you become attractive.
In a word, if you want to have a Gothic wedding, just follow one rule: to be dark in every aspets of your wedding.

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